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like everything beautiful in the world is meant for me...

...well one beautiful thing really. I am not greedy. I am very happy with the piece of loveliness that I have been given. Today is the second day of the rest of my "new" happy life full of love...both for me and from me....i have really fallen hard this time...i believe in fate though so i have really given myself all into it this time...really layed myself out for examination this time around ..i could get hurt bad but my heart is telling my mind to ride this out...give it my true personal best...and this will be the best thing i have ever had. I really have myself believing this, I have to for I am in love. And you know trying to tell a person in love anything bad is useless. It flys right out the other side. All I can really say I guess is that I am super happy, I think she is too, we will be wonderful lovers, we were meant for each other (sounds cheesy but let me tell you it's sooo true...I still think were are 2 halves to one soul that have been trying to reconnect for years only we were lost in the web of life and depression) sounds sappy maybe but I am super sappy today. I don't remeber the last time I really felt loved by another person. And just my luck this one understands alot of my weird little quirks/interests and that is the hardest thing for me to find in someone and I have finally found it. I will stop now. But this theme will be previlant through out my posts from now on. I want to say who it is but I would people guess (if she wants to post a comment and say it's her that is fine by me but I figure this will be fun...well no not really...but it will for me) .
.you already know so you are exempt. That's right she is so cool that she was the first person I told. So in closing have fun, play often, drink milk, jump for joy, and wish me luck in love (even though I feel I don't really need luck this time it is always nice to have some extra). I love everyone today. And tomorrow and so on into eternity. Heheheh I feel silly for this but don't care in the slightest for once.
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