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Call it lazy, call it pre-occupied...

So yeah I have'nt posted in ages I know but I just have other things on my mind. Well let's do the update thing. Uhmm Starbucks is a cool job I like it alot. Uhmmm I am going to see Rainer Maria tomorrow nite. I am about to go see the Final Fantasy movie even though I don't want to. I am soooooo deeply and amazingly in love with this wonderful girl. I am going to Houston on Friday till Sunday to see her. YAY!!! It is gonna be soooooo fun. Flickerstick won Bands On The Run and I am very happy about that. So all in all everything is good and nifty. Love really changes the way you look at everything in the world it really does. I have shifted from on end of the spectrum to the other and it feels great. I just hope everyone can find the kind of love I have because it would make the world a much better place. Thank you for making the stars shine brighter. I am sorry I never post anymore I just really have been too engrossed in the throws of love and all that entails...which includes neglecting your friends sometimes...I love you all have fun and I will be back into this soon I promise.
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