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Hehe, I was just outside smoking a cigarette (everyone should smoke outside) and my new neighbors were walking a bunny around on a leash. This really took me back as I used to have bunnies when I was a kid. So I have decided on payday in addition to the 2 hamsters I wanna get, I think I am getting a bunny. A big, soft, huggable, squeezable, kissable, bunny rabbit eheheh I am sooooo excited. The reason I want the hamsters is because I want to build a huge system of pipes between 3 cages in my room so that they can run all around the romm to whenever they want but always be in the cage. I kinda stole the idea from the book Microserfs (good read BTW) but I think it would be really neat. Basically I don't have time/money for a dog but hamsters and rabbits are a bit easier and they requie no pet deposit. Dum de dum I am ranting and it feels good. I can't wait till Friday after next to get paid.
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